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Metalook, a media channel, publisher, and educational hub of our ecosystem. We are proud to be amongst a limited number of fully licensed publishers in Vietnam and have earned a reputation for delivering top-quality media contents and products working with key players such as Coin98, Vietnam Blockchain Association, as well as regional VCs and Projects. We have experience organizing events, conferences, hackathons on behalf of Blockchain Foundations, DAOs, and Universities to educate users and recruit talents to their ecosystems.


Data - Dream - Decentralization

Data - Dream - Decentralization


With the increasing complexity and rapid developments in blockchain technology, individuals often struggle to find trustworthy sources that provide accurate and up-to-date information. The need for a media channel and educational hub that collaborates with key players in the industry and organizes events to educate and connect users has become increasingly apparent.


Introducing Metalook, the media channel, publisher, and educational hub that caters to the needs of blockchain enthusiasts and learners. We are proud to be amongst a limited number of fully licensed publishers in Vietnam, solidifying our commitment to delivering top-quality media content and products. Metalook works closely with key players in the blockchain industry, including Coin98, Vietnam Blockchain Association, regional venture capital firms, and projects, to ensure our content and educational resources are curated with expert insights and industry expertise.


As an educational hub, Metalook goes beyond news and articles, we have roughly engaged 5000 readers, and we're delivering Metalook Magazine directly to 1500 enterprenuers, business leaders and specialist of web 3,0 space in Vietnam and all over the world at high-end cafes, resorts, firms and book stores worldwide. Metalook collaborates with Blockchain Foundations, DAOs, and Universities to organize events, conferences, and hackathons, creating a continuous growth of 20% every month in 2022. These initiatives are aimed at educating users about blockchain technology and recruiting talented individuals to contribute to the growth of blockchain ecosystems. By fostering educational opportunities and facilitating connections, Metalook plays a vital role in advancing blockchain knowledge and fostering collaboration within the industry.

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