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At Herond Labs, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital transformation, delivering data-driven solutions and innovative approaches to our esteemed clients. Our team is specialized in Blockchain & Software Development, with 15+ accumulative years of experience, 50+ experts and technicians, providing solutions to 300+ projects since 2016.

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We are an IT laboratory, and a member of BlockBase.


We have 13+ years of experience in IT, Blockchain, Internet solutions.


We specialize in a wide range of services, including blockchain, software, protocol and application development. We offer comprehensive privacy solutions, while being a proficient provider of Domain Name Service (DNS).


At Herond Labs, we are passionate about revolutionizing the IT landscape and driving digital transformation for our clients, especially with the application of blockchain.

At Herond Labs, we share the values that define an innovative team.
Data is our source of trust, and thus our backbone of activities. We believe there is a different pivoting perspective of user data utilization. At Herond Labs, our products and solutions aim for the rightful usage of data, which dignifies the ownership and decision-making power of users.
Decentralization describes the pointer of activities we head towards at Herond Labs, directing the products we build. We believe in the future of decentralization where every 'node’ - every user - contributes and controls how a network - a product - grows.
Dream is the spirit that keeps our heads high and our hearts open. At Herond Labs, we build for a cause, and the cause that joins us up is the future of technology that enhances and creates a better life for everyone.

Data - Dream - Decentralization

Data - Dream - Decentralization


At our organization, we take pride in providing highly skilled IT experts who excel in implementing data-driven and innovative digital transformation strategies for our valued clients. With our deep expertise in Software Development, we have successfully facilitated sustainable growth for enterprises of all sizes.

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Founder of Metalook Magazine, Norm has spent 10+ years as an entrepreneur and advisor for many Vietnam startups, especially in blockchain and finance.

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