Hutech University - "Blockchain 101 - The Future of Web 3.0"


Hutech University - "Blockchain 101 - The Future of Web 3.0"



by BlockBase Ventures Research

Herond Labs, in collaboration with Polygon, successfully orchestrated a compelling event at HUTECH University, with the topic: BLOCKCHAIN 101 - THE FUTURE OF WEB 3.0. The event featured the distinguished participation of Mr. Khai Nguyen, the Growth Manager at Herond Labs, alongside a panel of industry experts. The key contributors shared invaluable experiences and extensive knowledge in the field of Blockchain, enriching the discourse and understanding of the participants. Guided by its mission, Herond Labs provided an enriching platform for students to understand the foundational aspects of blockchain technology. The aim was to broaden their horizon towards the numerous learning and career opportunities present within this emerging field. A highlight of the event was the introduction of Massion by Herond Labs. Massion is an innovative learning application designed to enhance the user's comprehension of Blockchain and Web 3.0, thus making learning about these complex subjects more efficient and effective.

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